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About us

Praxitelis firm was founded in 1985, in Corinth, and the first factory unit was set up for the production of Wooden Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe Doors, class Solid – Semi-Solid. The wide variety of design models, combined with the quality and flexibility in service, have quickly led the company to become a leader in this field. Today, the company’s facilities, where the production facilities are located, are privately owned and occupy an area of 30,000 m2, while for better service of our clientele an exhibition room also operates in Athens.

Praxitelis SA

The company, with eyes always set on the future and sensing the market needs, launched the implementation of an investment program in new production lines, which is still ongoing.
Firstly, the company set up the production line for Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe Doors of HPL-Ρostforming class, with the aim to place these items at the forefront of its cutting-edge products.

At the moment, the complete collection includes more than 70 colors on different surfaces – glossy, matte, wood effect, textured, smooth, and embossed – and is constantly enriched, claiming its place in every elegant room.
Following this, we organized a facility of an automatic production line for Kitchen Countertops.
The company produces high quality kitchen countertops and has developed a range of colors which exceeds 60 colors, covering even the most demanding preference.
At the same time, an additional production line was established for the manufacture of Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe Doors, class ELITE Postforming.
The collection is gradually growing, reaching today 45 colors, also on various surfaces, such as matte, embossed and smooth.
To continue the efforts to provide the client with high quality products and expertise, the company has invested in an automatic ELITE panel production line, making Praxitelis firm a leader in the industry.
The color index of ELITE panel includes 45 colors, which harmonize perfectly with the palette of the ELITE Postforming types, providing the customer the opportunity to create specific combinations and ensure high quality results.

The Vision of Praxitelis firm is to operate a business within a healthy entrepreneurial environment, oriented to the growth and prosperity for all partners involved. Growth and prosperity should not be seen as – nor are they – inapplicable concepts. The company creates all those conditions that can give the impetus to reach new goals for all our benefit. A close-knit group of people is working towards implementing the company’s VISION.

In the future, the company aims to continue its investments in people and technological equipment with the same intensity, in order to always stay one step ahead of the market needs and to provide support to the professionals, by showing the same responsibility and consistency, at all times.
Furthermore, the goal is to enhance the company’s presence in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, in order to gain on outreach and expand its role in the international markets, too.
We are sensitive towards human needs and place the focus on quality and continuous technological advancement.
The company lays the foundation for future corporate growth always with vigor and optimism for a better tomorrow.