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Laser Edge Technology

Praxitelis SA is making the difference

In the context of ongoing research and development, the company has invested in a new line of wardrobe and kitchen welding.

About Us


Praxitelis SA firm was founded in 1985, in Corinth, and the first factory unit was set up for the production of Wooden Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe Doors, class Solid – Semi-Solid. The wide variety of design models, combined with the quality and flexibility in service, have quickly led the company to become a leader in this field...

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What we do

Semi-solid Oak, HPL & Direct Postforming (curved), as well as square cabinet doors


You can find our HPL & Solid Oak countertops in stock, available in a great collection of colors


We produce and supply ELITE panels of high quality & standards, available in 45 colors


Discover a great collection of panelings, frames, columns and light connection strips


Looking in the future

In 30.000 m2 of installations

We manufacture kitchen doors

We manufacture wardrobe doors

We manufacture kitchen countertops

We manufacture ELITE panels

In the future, the company aims to continue its investments in people and technological equipment with the same intensity, in order to always stay one step ahead of the market needs and to provide support to the professionals, by showing the same responsibility and consistency, at all times.

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Production months
Styles & colors

Kitchen and Wardrobe planner

Interactive application

Use our interactive application to select a door model and see how the kitchen or wardrobe is being shaped.

Interactive Kitchen


Select from our wide range of cabinet doors, and see the kitchen completed.

Interactive Wardrobe


Select from our wide range of cabinet doors and see the wardrobe completed.

Lacquer Colors

All of our cabinet doors of SEMI-SOLID OAK type, can be varnished to the hues of our color index.

Contact Details

Athens Headquarters Office:

  • 160 Pelopida str., Nea Zoe, 12136 Peristeri, Athens, Greece
  • Map
  • +30 210 5753448
  • +30 210 5753450
  • +30 210 5742104 (FAX)

Factory and Headquarters Office:

  • Location Batharista, PO Box 121, 20100 Corinth, Greece
  • Map
  • +30 27410 24952
  • +30 27410 72583
  • +30 27410 84148
  • +30 27410 85771
  • +30 27410 85772
  • +30 27410 26908 (FAX)
  • info@praxitelis-sa.gr

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